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Sharing best practices and ideas that are tested and proved within, to a client institution for creating a positive impact could be the prime objectives of any mentoring initiative. There are several organizations in the field of health care offering the mentoring Programme at various levels. The models followed by them are mostly developed and established internally, customized to address the needs of their clients to achieve the desired impact.

Lions Aravind Institute of Community Ophthalmology (LAICO) :

Through its various capacity building initiatives had partnered with several eye hospitals in India and other developing countries to enhance their capacity, deliver quality eye care services in a sustainable manner and addressing their community’s eye care need. As of date, LAICO has worked with 352 eye hospitals, in 29 countries helping them more than double their output.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), a US-based health care mentoring organization has used improvement science to advance and sustain better outcomes in health and health care across the world for the past 25 years. IHI is an influential force in health and health care improvement in the US and has a rapidly growing footprint in dozens of other nations

Similarly, SEVA, a global non-profit eye care organization based in the USA and working with a vision to create "A world free of avoidable blindness, constituted the Global Sight Initiative(GSI), an expansive network comprised of 3 collaborating international NGOs, 10 mentor institutions and more than 90 mentee hospitals spanning the world. LAICO (AECS) is one of the early mentors in the GSI network.

There are other successful consulting organizations like Accenture Health, McKinsey, Acumen, W2 in India and abroad who contributes towards improving health care.

Though there are differences in content, methodology and delivery process of mentoring activities, there is Hugh scope for learning from each other through sharing.

This learning will increase the effectiveness of current mentoring activities and multiply the work.

LAICO proposes to conduct a workshop during the October submit to bring in like-minded mentor institutions in the field of health care, to share their best practices and the way they achieve the overall goal. This will help other participants to learn and adopt new ideas, thinking beyond their current practices and limitations

Opportunities / Challenges

  • Space for knowledge sharing and learning from various mentor institutions
  • New ideas and approach that could be adopted for mentoring processes
  • Networking among various mentoring institutions
  • To bring right people on board
  • To bring the desired level of transparency in sharing the ideas and challenges
Scope of the workshop

  • To understand the various models of mentoring process practised in health care
  • To learn from each other- their current methodology and its effectiveness in core areas like
    • Engaging with clients/partners
    • Making it work-Key Mentoring process followed to bring in desired change
    • Monitoring
    • Long term relationship
  • To get trained in specialized skills for the mentoring process

Expected outcomes

This will be more of discussion lead by an anchor team in each domain. The expected outcomes are
  • In-depth understanding of various models of mentoring in Health care setting
  • Cross learning of best practices in this change process
  • Creating a network among the cohort for idea sharing
Core mentoring team from the GSI network, a team from IHI(Institute of Health care improvement), Accenture Health, McKinsey, Acumen, W2, and other INGO’s.

Workshop format / Methodology
Core mentoring areas will be identified for presenting and discussion. There will facilitators for each area. The facilitators could be experts in the identified domain.

Resource Team
Various participating mentoring organizations

Contact Person:
For Programme Details:  Mr. Yesunesan, Faculty,Contact number: Mobile No:+91 9487605040, Ph: +91-(0)452-435 6500, Ext: 534.
For registration:  Mr. Pradeep, Program Coordinator; Contact number: Mobile No:+91 7094143316, Ph: +91-(0)452-435 6500, Ext: 539.