Do you struggle to convince patients to undergo surgery?
Do you worry that patients do not maintain hygiene after surgery?
Do your patients take the medicines as prescribed?
Do you struggle to get your patients to come back for follow up visit after surgery?

This conference will bring together eye care organisations to collaborate in finding innovative solutions for this problem of patient compliance and how we can make our cataract services more effective.

Patient compliance and the effectiveness of the treatment we provide:

Eye hospitals traditionally measure success using patient volume indicators such as number of outpatients seen and number of surgeries operated. This does not account for the effectiveness of the care delivered. Patient compliance to the treatment protocol is a key factor affecting the quality of outcomes.

In principle, we all realise that for our treatment to be truly effective, it is important that each and every patient successfully completes his treatment journey

The patient plays a significant role in his own treatment process and the outcomes are affected by the decisions he makes and his compliance-related behavior. We, as service providers, have an obligation to improve patient uptake and compliance. This requires us to have a deep insight into the concerns of the patient, his barriers and his values, and then tailor our service to help each patient stay on track with his treatment and complete the pathway.

This conference:

The conference will be an interactive session and work will be designed to facilitate innovative solutions and ideas. To focus the scope of the conference, the treatment pathway will focus on cataract. All eye hospitals address cataract and it remains the leading cause of blindness. The intention is that solutions identified to address compliance around cataract surgery and follow up will have some application for other eye conditions.

Is this conference for you?

We invite ophthalmologists, eye hospital leaders and managers to participate in this workshop.

Objectives of the Conference:
  • Define the problem of patient compliance at each step of the treatment pathway
  • Learn from other health sectors about compliance strategies
  • Identify best practices that drive patient compliance
    • Focus this on the different stages: diagnosis/advice, treatment, follow-up
    • Focus this on surgeries advised from outreach, primary eye care centres, walk-in patients
  • Identify indicators to monitor compliance
  • Role of technology to improve compliance
Desired Outcomes:
  • Participants leave with increased knowledge of approaches already implemented and emerging best practices to increase compliance
  • Participants have agreed definitions around compliance at each step of the treatment pathway
  • Participants have better understanding of collection of appropriate data and apply own data to determining patient compliance at different steps of the treatment pathway
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Contact Person:

Dhivya Ramasamy
Senior Faculty
LAICO - Aravind Eye Care System
Ph: +91-(0)452-435 6500