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In India and in other developing countries there is a paucity of architects who are specialized in hospitals. It is even rarer to find an architect who specializes in eye hospitals. This is in spite of having over a thousand standalone eye hospitals. Quite often neither the architect nor the promoter (ophthalmologist or directors/trustees) are knowledgeable about all the details that have to be considered in designing the building and the specific workspaces. So very often we find the eye hospitals that are not functional in meeting the needs by way of patient flow or workflow. Thus it is not uncommon to see frequent breaking and remodeling of hospitals to make it more functional. Many of us will recognize that in our hospitals such remodeling is a constant activity. This workshop is designed as a forum to pool all our learning of what worked and what didn't, so that going forward we will have a growing body of knowledge and expertise for designing eye hospitals that work well, promote efficiency and appeal to the patients and their relatives.

Scope of the workshop:
Objectives: Recognize all the factors that influence efficient and effective delivery of eye care services and translate them into architectural specifications and building design.

Expected outcomes: This workshop will be built on existing body of knowledge and experience relating to designing eye hospitals. Through intense interaction in the participants, we expect the following outcomes
  • Checklist of information for macro level design - size of the hospital by way of outpatient, surgery/procedures and beds perspective; translating this to total area required.
  • Models for Operating Rooms and allied areas; outpatient examination rooms, in-patient rooms etc.
  • A deep understanding of other consideration such as communication, digital data flow, uninterrupted power supplies, maintenance, and air conditioning options etc.
  • Regulatory requirements and good building practices
  • Understanding the options in - construction technology, key building materials, air-conditioning, energy sources, technologies in patient movement, supplies transportation, etc.
  • Emerging trends in space requirements for OP, OR and wards. Trends in patient and staff expectations and ramifications on building design.
Workshop format & Methodology:
The two-day workshop will have brief presentation, lots of interactions, practical case studies and exercises. The outcomes listed will emerge through this collective effort and thus ensuring deep learning and understanding.

Target Group:
Heads of eye hospitals, architects, especially those engaged in remodeling or planning new facilities.

Resource Team:
  • Lead faculty: Dr. S. Aravind - Administrator & Director-Projects, Aravind Eye Hospitals
                            Mr. Israel Gnanaraj - Design Collaborative, Hospital Architect
  • Specialists in specific areas such as Building Codes & Regulations, Access, Safety, Energy, Air-Conditioning, Digital & Voice communications
  • Presenters of case studies.
Funding Support:
LAICO is in a position to support your free registration. Since we have a very limited budget available, we request the participants to support their cost of stay and travel on your own. On your request, we can reserve your stay at our International Trainees Hostel (subject to availability) and share the tariff details.

We request you to confirm your participation through submitting the filled in registration form.

Contact Person:
For Programme Details: Mr. Suresh Kumar, Senior Faculty, Contact number: Ph: +91-(0)452-435 6500, Ext: 529.
For registration: Ms. Sajitha, Programme Associate, Contact number: Ph: +91-(0)452-435 6500, Ext: 503.