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Alumni who are interested to present a paper/ video /e-poster are requested to submit the abstract form. Each Alumni is restricted for only one presentation.

Please choose your talk from the following "Subjects" and give appropriate "Title" for your talk:
  1. Work life balance- what has worked for me
  2. Ethics in practice – does it make business sense
  3. Technology in ophthalmology
  4. Using data to improve patient care
  5. Patient safety and satisfaction
  6. My innovations in eye care
  7. How to balance academics and clinical practise
  8. Research: Bench to bedside
  9. Reaching out to the community
  10. How Aravind has impacted me


  • Abstracts for paper or e-poster or video: limited upto 200 words
  • Time of presentation for paper/ video: 5 minutes
  • Last date for submission: September 20, 2015

Please fill the online form for your abstract submission