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LAICO is pleased to announce a workshop on "Systems Thinking for Eye Care Delivery", a global consultation as part of this year's October Summit.

Back in 1999, VISION 2020 - The Right to Sight was a loud wakeup call for the eye care community to pay attention to all leading causes of blindness. It emphasized that, unless the issues of efficiency, productivity, human resource, technology were addressed, in twenty years the backlog of avoidable blindness would spiral out of control as would the costs required to contain it.

While we cross the midpoint of the VISION 2020 - The Right to Sight programme, it is time to reflect on the real issues and recognize that strengthening the eye care health system is the key towards achieving our goals. This will be the underlying driver of this global consultation

Outcomes of the workshop:

  • Actionable directions at the global level as well as at the operational level for fast tracking achievements envisaged by VISION 2020 - The Right to Sight
  • Ready to use knowledge to identify proven strategies that could be implemented in different regions to improve eye care services
  • Areas that require further research to be identified with a focus on universal coverage and improving service delivery

Broad Modules:

  • Making eye care available to the community
  • Ensuring affordability
  • Human resources for eye care
  • Medical products, Equipment & Technology
  • Tracking eye care delivery
  • Leadership for eye care

Target Audience

  • Policy Makers
  • INGO Heads and Programme Managers
  • Hospital Heads
Dates: September 23 - 25, 2012.

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The workshop organizers will bear the cost of boarding and lodging for invited participants.

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